About Us

Since its formation in 2002, AKF Consulting has become one of the nation’s leading sources of insight and expert guidance in the college savings industry.

AKF Consulting Group assists state governments, public entities and plan distributors as they navigate the structural, regulatory and commercial intricacies of the college savings market. Working with 32 state administrators of college savings plans, we have advised on a wide range of program operation and development issues, including investment choices, administrative policy, marketing strategies and analysis, and consumer outreach.

Staffed by a team of industry veterans with deep experience in the college savings, mutual fund, corporate governance, regulatory and consumer marketing arenas, AKF Consulting Group brings a 360 degree perspective to its clients. Considering every aspect of the college savings experience, from state-level concerns over program manager performance to individual investor considerations about age-based allocation strategies, the AKF team addresses the unique nature of each client engagement to ensure continuity across the entire program.

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